Birmingham Clinical Massage

Birmingham Clinical Massage (BCM) offers specialist treatment to people living with musculoskeletal pain conditions.

Treatment involves the application of Eastern and Western massage techniques, individually tailored to your needs to:

  • Eliminate/significantly reduce pain
  • Increase range of movement
  • Improve posture
  • Improve awareness of how movement and day to day actions impact on the body.

BCM takes a holistic and sensitive approach to treatment, considering emotional pain and stress along with physical discomfort. A thorough assessment, ongoing good communication and client feedback help build trust and prevent worry or anxiety setting into a treatment.

We use a ‘listening touch’ and work within your pain threshold to treat muscle and soft tissue without teeth gritting and fist clenching pain. There’s no ouch on our couch.

If you have aches and pains don’t suffer in silence, contact us to discuss the best course of treatment to get you pain free.


About us

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BCM takes a holistic and sensitive approach to treatment, considering emotional pain and stress along with physical discomfort.


Alexandra O’Dea

I’m Alexandra O’Dea, former anxious corporate worker and now content and happy body worker.

For many years, I viewed massage as an occasional treat and was usually a weekend away spa package to help me forget the stresses of corporate life. Then one day, and during a particularly fraught period of work, a calm person, quite simply laid their hands on my shoulders. That connection temporarily cleared my mind, smoothed my thought process and instantly relaxed my muscles. How can that happen, I thought? Can I give what that they gave me? Well from then I researched hands-on healing, studied a diploma in holistic massage and never looked back.

Since qualifying in 2011, and thirsty for more knowledge, I continued to develop my skill base and discover new techniques to treat musculoskeletal pain. Although my journey began in London, it wasn’t long before I went travelling to study the ancient ways of the East in India and Thailand. Here the belief system, approach and techniques varied hugely to our Western ways, but the results inspired me to grow my practise by incorporating cultural massage fusion.

I’ve recently trained in Advanced Clinical Massage training with industry leaders, Jing Institute – a school with a dynamic approach to teaching, treating and promoting clinical massage therapy in the UK.

Now, my goal is to help the fine people of Birmingham live more actively, comfortably and happily by unlocking tension and releasing pain.

Alexandra's Qualifications

  • Advanced clinical massage for neck and shoulder pain
  • Advanced clinical massage for shoulder girdle pain
  • Advanced clinical massage for low back pain
  • Advanced clinical massage for arm, wrist and carpal tunnel pain
  • Advanced clinical massage for hip and pelvis pain
  • Advanced clinical massage for leg, knee and foot pain
  • Advanced stretching techniques
  • Diploma holistic massage
  • Diploma in traditional Thai massage
  • Diploma in Ayurveda
  • Hands free massage
  • On-site seated massage
  • Natural facelift
  • Pregnancy massage

Clinical techniques

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A face to face assessment is the vital first part of the process to understand and treat your pain.

The assessment is carried out in a relaxed way, so you’re at ease and comfortable, and usually takes about 40 minutes. In this session we will:

  • Discuss your health history and how pain affects your day to day life
  • Carry out range of movement tests
  • Assess the affected area by touch


Myofascial release

Fascia is an internal connective tissue which is found everywhere in the body and is hugely important when treating pain. It may help to visualise a strong yet delicate giant spider’s web inside your body covering, wrapping and enveloping every cell, organ, muscle and bone – everything is interconnected by this tissue. When restrictions occur, the tissue hardens forming adhesions, damaging tissue health and limiting movement. Myofascial release involves oil free techniques applied directly to the skin. It often feels like nothing much is happening, but something definitely comes out of this.

Trigger point therapy

A key factor contributing to many people’s pain are trigger points. A trigger point is a tight area found within the muscle tissue, like a knot or band. It can cause local pain or send pain to another part of the body when touched. Trigger points have predictable referral patterns which help us deliver effective treatment with speedy, positive outcomes.


Deep forearm massage

Forearms and elbows, when used intuitively are great weapons in winning the war against pain. Working over towels or directly on the skin, forearm bodywork warms broad areas of muscle before specific work follows. Using body weight and sinking into the muscles, tissue relaxes and allows for the forearm to sink deeper. This engages deeper tissue not easily accessible by fingers and thumbs. Forearm work is always slow, steady and doesn’t cause pain.

Soft tissue release

Not all muscles are uniformly tight as some have localised areas of tension where a small area of fibres need to be addressed. STR involves compression of a section of a muscle before taking it into a brief stretch. This results in the area of tension in most need of lengthening, getting the stretch. It feels good and has great results



Stretching plays an essential role in rehabilitating chronic pain conditions. The combination of advanced stretching with other clinical massage techniques provide exceptional results. Stretches may be passive (performed by the therapist), active (with the client working the opposite muscle to one being stretched) or strengthening and stretching (pnf). All of which feel wonderful and get results.

Self care

Self care in between sessions can make or break the rehabilitation process throughout the treatment. Stretching home work will be given for in between sessions. These will be easy to do and will involve little or no equipment.


Treatable Conditions

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If you've been diagnosed with any of these conditions, our treatments will provide you with effective pain relief. Sign up to our fix in six programme to feel the difference and remember what life is like living without chronic pain:

  • Herniated/slipped disc
  • Spondylosis
  • Spondylothesis
  • Facet joint irritation
  • Temporomandibular (TMJ) joint pain
  • Whiplash
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Supraspinatus tendinosis
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • Golfer's elbow
  • Tennis elbow
  • Arthritis
  • Sacroiliac joint (SI) pain
  • Sciatica/piriformis syndrome
  • Shin splints
  • Ilitiobial (IT) band syndrome

We treat many other conditions and non specific pain not shown in the list. Contact us to see how our treatments can help you out of pain.


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Whether you would like to buy a package, or pay as you go, we have pricing and packages for all.

Fix in Six

  • Six 1 hour treatments

  • Home stretching self-help exercises

  • Personalised body map of trigger points and tension

  • Weekly evaluation to discuss pain patterns, check range of movement and assess home stretching techniques.

  • 1 instalment - £255.00

    £42.50p/h for 6 sessions
  • 2 instalments - £277.00

    £46.25p/h for 6 sessions



Pay as you go

  • Choose your treatment and pay as you go


Per session

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our clients

green flower

My experience with Alex has been 100% positive, I'm delighted to say. It's been a real eye-opener because of the particular deep-tissue techniques you practice. What's also been extremely helpful are the handy exercises you've given, small moves that I can do in the train on the way back from work or sitting in bed and that really help keep my neck/shoulder problems at bay and that prolong the benefits of your massage. I think it is as close to cure as I will ever get for a problem that I've had now for 16 years.

Mary Cosgrove

I've suffered with slipped disks in my lower back for over ten years. After only 3 treatments, I noticed a tremendous difference in the way I felt and the way I moved. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and people have even noticed that I'm walking more smoothly and even smiling more. I can't recommend her enough!

Ian Davies

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Your next step towards pain free living will be to meet for a clinical assessment. Here we’ll discuss your pain history, assess your range of movement and arrange a personalised treatment plan.
If you’d rather not email, please call me on 07475 804504.